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Construction Defects

Construction Defects are errors made in the construction of a structure, such as a house, townhouse, apartment buildings or condominium, made by developers, general contractors, designers, and subcontractors. These Defects may cause damage to other areas of the structure and perhaps allow water into the living areas. However, often times these Defects are not easily detectable. There may be hidden Defects that have not been discovered yet. Our team can assist you in discovery if there are Defects and if they can be remedied. The Defects may manifest in numerous ways including but not limited to:

  • Cracking Stucco
  • Water Intrusion
  • Temperature Variance
  • Air Intrusion
  • Cracking Concrete
  • Rust Stains on Concrete

Our Team at McCabe | Ronsman has ample experience investigating and litigating these types of cases. We will work with you on the best course of action on your Defect issues and how to best solve the problems from the construction of your structure. Our team includes an attorney who is a licensed engineer, a construction defect attorney who has litigated Defect cases his entire legal career and a staff ready to handle any size construction project. Most important we have the resources to handle these matters from start to finish in order to get you the best possible result.