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Billing Solutions

Community associations are not-for-profit entities with budgeting challenges. With that, McCabe | Ronsman offers flexible and reasonable billing arrangements.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

Flat Fee Billing
We offer flat fee billing on routine association legal services which provides predictability. Flat fee services can be billed on monthly or on a deferred basis depending on client preference.

Deferred Billing
We offer deferred billing for assessment collection and pre-litigation covenant enforcement matters. Deferred billing means you receive legal services, but are not invoiced until the matter is completed. McCabe | Ronsman makes every effort to collect its fees directly from the delinquent or violating homeowner.

Subscription Plan

Monthly Subscription / Retainer Fees: While McCabe | Ronsman performs work on an hourly and flat-fee basis, we also offer monthly subscription / retainer packages for associations, providing unlimited attorney phone calls and emails related to common association legal issues. The costs are based on the association’s annual operating budget and start at $100 per month (with no long-term commitment).

Services covered by the Plan include

  • Unlimited Phone Calls
  • Governing Document Review and Consultation
  • Registered Agent Services and Filing of Annual Report
  • Attendance at Board and Member Meetings (if requested)
  • Auditor Response Letters

Reduced Rates for Hourly Services
Hourly and Flat-Fees: Our hourly and flat-fee structure varies based on the association, so we recommend contacting us to get a better idea of pricing. However, in general, our attorneys bill anywhere from $225 – $300 per hour, with many tasks done on a flat-fee to allow association boards and managers to both:

  • Accurately forecast legal spending
  • Ensure costs do not exceed a pre-determined amount

Feel free to contact us and ask for a pricing sheet, which includes information on flat-fees and the monthly subscription packages.