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About Us

At McCabe | Ronsman we are much more than simply legal advisors. We protect the value that our firm’s clients have placed in investments, whether those investment assets are corporations or real estate.

On the whole, new clients come to us because they have been referred by a current client who has seen how our firm adds value to their everyday operations. Clients turn to our firm for experienced guidance with some of their most fundamental decisions and responsibilities.

With extensive experience in the legal, business, and engineering arenas, our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of our clients’ needs. Simply providing a legal opinion is not enough. McCabe | Ronsman emphasizes the quick and cost-effective delivery of legal counsel because we know that our clients’ needs are time-sensitive.

This client-centered approach means that McCabe | Ronsman is particularly results-driven: We understand, in the end, a legal opinion is only as good as the guidance it provides to our clients. Our advice is designed to help clients accomplish their daily responsibilities by dealing with real issues promptly and effectively.

Exceptional Communicators

Perhaps above all else, an attorney must be an effective communicator to adequately advise and represent clients. Our attorneys are skilled communicators who are adept in not only drafting documents for transactions and litigation, but also in clear and concise verbal communications with and on behalf of clients.

Clients have a plethora of legal needs, so our fees are personalized according to each client’s objectives. Flat, deferred, and contingent fees are just a few of the billing options we offer to support clients’ budgetary requirements.