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Construction Law

When owners, contractors, architects, or engineers have construction law or construction litigation concerns, they want to work with an attorney who is familiar with the nuances of Florida construction law. McCabe | Ronsman uses their experience dealing with construction issues to achieve effective and lasting solutions for their clients. These experienced attorneys work with contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, architects, and engineers to achieve the best results possible.

Contractors and Design Professionals

We speak your language… Our Edge… Your Advantage
At McCabe | Ronsman we understand our clients’ businesses. Our attorneys have represented contractors, architects, engineers, and the companies that insure them. Our lead attorney, Michael J. McCabe, is a civil engineer with seven years of construction experience before he became an attorney. When clients have legal issues they do not have to devote their valuable time and resources to educating us on the fundamentals of design and construction. We believe that our clients are entitled to attorneys who know and understand design and construction fundamentals and the vocabulary of the design and construction industries. We know our business and we know yours. We not only know the law as it applies to your unique circumstances, but we understand design and construction — we speak your language.

The Firm’s mission is to provide experienced, efficient, economical and practical advice and assistance to architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and developers and the companies that insure them. We are firmly committed to dispute avoidance and resolution of disputes through innovative, economical, and efficient alternative dispute resolution. We believe our clients are entitled to representation by attorneys who not only have expertise in the law but are also versed in the fundamentals of design and construction.